Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our First RE Visit

The week leading up to our first RE visit, I was a mess. I was so nervous. I knew in general what to expect, as I had read a lot of other women's experiences. But I just couldn't believe it was us, walking into a fertility center. When we got there, we had a wait for only a short time before being brought in by a nurse. She took my blood pressure, weight and height, and explained what we'd be doing at that visit.

First, we met with a resident, who went over our entire patient intake packet. It was about 20 pages long and was really extensive. She reviewed our labs and did a family history on both sides. Once we were done, it was time for me to change and get ready to meet our doctor and do our exam and ultrasound. Our doctor is such a warm, kind person and you can notice this immediately when you meet him. We did an ultrasound to check my ovaries, uterine lining, and follicles. Everything looked great! We also did some vaginal cultures (similar to a pap). Once all that was done, I got dressed and we went to talk with the doctor in his office.

We got to ask plenty of questions, developed a treatment plan and had a couple more tests ordered. Just a few more blood tests, all standard prenatal things. And I needed to do an HSG. Once our testing was completed, we were cleared to get started with our clomid & IUIs!  Our doctor was very positive about our chances and decided to start me on 50mg of clomid CD 3-7. After reviewing my charts, he decided I didn't need any extra monitoring, since my cycles were very regular. He was really happy I had been charting so long. It's so nice to have doctors that see the value in charting! So to start my first treatment cycle, all I had to do was take my clomid and do my OPKs as usual. Once I got a positive OPK, I needed to give them a call to schedule my IUI for the next day. Really simple actually! Since we have no infertility coverage on our insurance, we qualified for a special cash price for our cycles. But first, we needed to do that HSG...

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