Thursday, October 22, 2015

IUI #2 with Clomid!

My hopes were pretty high for the first IUI, but even higher for our second IUI. I was so excited to get started with the process and have our first IUI, but once the first one was unsuccessful, that excitement had worn off. I had really been hoping for 2 follicles originally, so I was disappointed when I only had 1. Having 2 follicles can increase your chances of success greatly, so I really wanted that extra boost. I was so hopeful that I'd get 2 follicles for the second IUI, because I had one large one and one just too small to be mature the first time. I thought that the next time for sure I'd get 2! Our RE kept me on 50 mg of Clomid on CD 3-7, which I did well with again.

Right on time, I got positive OPK on CD 12! I called to schedule us in for the next morning. I was less nervous this time since we had already done this before. So we headed in first thing in the morning with my husband's sample to drop it off with the andrology lab, then stopped to pick up some breakfast. A couple of hours later, we went back for our appointment. We paid for the IUI and then went right in! 

I had my ultrasound to check my lining and follicles. My lining was not as thick as last time, but it was 7.8 mm, so it was thick enough! The doctor explained to me that there is a natural variation from cycle to cycle, so it's not a concern, especially since it was above 7 mm. I had one very large follicle, 30 mm, on my right ovary. On my left I had two follicles, 10 mm & 12 mm, which were unfortunately too small to contain mature eggs. So again, only one mature follicle. Definitely disappointed! Our post wash sperm count was similar to the first time: 13.5 million with 53% motility. This IUI was a lot more uncomfortable than my last one for some reason. I started cramping quite badly as soon as the catheter was inserted, and I had to really work to calm myself down. The nurse performing my IUI waited until the cramping had stopped to proceed. I was really happy when it was over with! I kept having dull cramps while I laid on the table for 15 minutes, and continued to be crampy and uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I had a little spotting as well, but that is completely normal. 

This TWW unfortunately felt much longer than usual. But then my temperature dropped at 12 dpo, and stayed down until 14 dpo, when my period showed up. 

When this IUI was unsuccessful, I was pretty upset. I felt we had only one "chance" left to get pregnant through IUI, and was mentally preparing myself for IVF. I looked into the pricing, the different plans, the success rates, etc. I was ready to move forward with that. I wasn't happy about it, but I figured if that's what we need to do. Still in my back of my mind was the hope that the third IUI would be the one and we'd get a positive pregnancy test! On to the next cycle...

Want to hear about our other IUIs? 

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