Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our Fourth IUI...

After my longest cycle ever, I was pretty happy when my period finally showed up. I started off the cycle with renewed hope. We were successful last time.. there's no reason we shouldn't be this time! I felt very positive. I took my 100 mg Clomid, as scheduled on CD 3-7 and again had no issues with it.

I was beginning to get quite used to this routine: Get period, call nurse, start clomid, take OPKs, get positive OPK, schedule IUI, have IUI, then the dreaded two week wait! So really it's beginning to feel quite routine at this point. And just as with the last three, a positive OPK appeared on CD 12. Time to schedule the IUI for the next morning!

I was eager to find out how many follicles I had. I wasn't feeling any definitive pressure on my ovaries or anything to let me know where things were happening. After dropping off our sample in the morning and heading back for our appointment, it was time for the ultrasound. My lining was good again at 8.8 mm and I had two follicles again, and another one that looked like it had just collapsed. So a grand total of THREE follicles! We couldn't get an accurate size on the one that had already collapsed, but it was on the left ovary. On the right ovary, I had two follicles, one at 21 mm and the other at 24 mm. Perfect size!

Our post wash sperm count was good again, at 33 million but a bit lower motility at 36%. But we still had way above where they wanted us to have! We had less abstinence time for this IUI so we weren't sure how it would affect the numbers, but it worked out just fine. So our hopes were pretty high again!

But after our IUI, I suddenly stopped feeling hopeful. I immediately had the feeling that this cycle just wasn't going to work out. I knew it was silly to feel that way, since we had a perfectly good chance. Even if you know your thinking is irrational, it still doesn't change how you're feeling. I was comparing my pregnancy chart to my current chart.. way too often.

I had decided to take a different philosophy on testing for this cycle. I usually would test somewhere around 10 or 11 dpo, and then maybe again on the day my period was due. But I decided to start testing at 7 dpo and just dip a internet cheapie strip each morning. This always seems like a much better idea before you get started. Once you start accumulating negative tests, it's not much fun.

As I already knew deep down, I wasn't pregnant and my period showed up right on time. At some point during infertility, we all realize that hoping really hard for something really doesn't help. I was pretty sad and felt quite a lot of anxiety after knowing this IUI didn't work. I'm not sure why, but I definitely felt it more this cycle.

Still trying to remain positive... we have two more IUIs to go! There is no reason that it shouldn't work, so we're going to keep our fingers crossed!!

Want to hear about our other IUIs? 

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