Tuesday, April 12, 2016

IVF Stims: Days 1-3

Today is day 3 of stims! It's actually been going by quite quickly. The injections are really not that eventful, and I actually feel really good! I did expect to have at least a few side effects after the first few shots, but the most I've felt is some slight ovary twinges last night and this morning. I'm hoping that means good things are happening in there! I've also been incredibly thirsty, which I'm guessing is both from the stims and the bloodwork. But I'm drinking 3+ liters a day!

Day 1

I already talked about doing my first injection, but I'll give a quick summary. On CD 2, I headed into the Center for my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound. After this was completed and reviewed, we met with one of the IVF nurses to give us the go ahead to move forward! We also received instructions on when I was to return for bloodwork next. That night, I did my first shot of Gonal-F, which was a dosage of 300iu. The shot was really easy, and not a big deal at all! I really like the injector pen. I iced before the first shot for a couple of minutes.

Day 2

Yesterday was my second day of stims. I was on the same dosage of Gonal-F (300iu). The injection was even easier the second time, since we had already done one. I had my husband do the second one, which he did an amazing job with! I actually forgot to ice prior to this shot, and I didn't have any burning as the medicine was injected. So I think I may not ice prior to injections in the future. I know some people find it helpful, but to be honest, I really don't like anything cold!

Day 3

This morning I was due in for another blood draw. Our Center does monitoring bloodwork from 7-9AM during the week, and the blood work must be completed by 9AM at the absolute latest in order to have the results in time for the doctors to review. It can be pretty busy right when the doors open in the morning, which I know from past experiences. I decided to go in a little later at 8AM to beat the rush, and it certainly paid off! I went right in and didn't have to wait. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. The purpose of this blood draw is to see how well I'm responding to the meds. As your follicles grow during stims, your E2 level will rise. So your E2 levels give a pretty good idea of how things are going and how well you are responding.

After hearing from my IVF nurse, my E2 level is exactly where they want it to be!! It started at 50 at my baseline and has risen to 146. A general rule is that they look for it to be doubling every 48 hours, but it does also depend on the individual case. Mine doubled in about 1.3 days or 31 hours. My progesterone level was very low at 0.3, which is where it should be. Because I'm responding exactly how they'd like, they will keep my dosage of Gonal-F the same for tonight and tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a "rest" day, as in no blood draw or ultrasound. I will go back the day after tomorrow for another blood draw and ultrasound. There is a chance I might need my Cetrotide if my follicles are large enough or if my E2 level has risen high enough, so they want me to bring it with me to the appointment, just in case.

How I'm Feeling

I actually feel great! Just really thirsty. I've been drinking a lot of water and coconut water everyday. I'm also doing some IVF/Stim friendly yoga daily, which is relaxing. But my absolute favorite thing is the Circle + Bloom IVF/IUI Guided Meditations. They are just so relaxing.

If I'm completely honest, IVF so far isn't really what I expected it to be. I expected to be pretty stressed out as soon as I started stims. I tend to be anxiety prone, but I've felt really calm leading up to our cycle and for the first few days I've been stimming. So I am pleasantly surprised at this process so far. There is still plenty of time for me to get stressed out of course ;) But I'm just so thankful to be feeling so good!

Poke Count
Arms: 2     Belly: 3     Ultrasounds: 1

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