Monday, April 11, 2016

My First Injection for IVF!

After getting permission to move forward from the medical team, we got to start my medication! So last night I did my first injection of Gonal-F, which was 300iu. As someone who has never liked needles, the injection part of IVF really was one of the big reasons I hoped to never have to go this route. But I have to say, that after talking to so many other ladies who had done injectable meds, almost all of them said it really wasn't a big deal. I decided to approach our IVF cycle with that mindset. So I truly didn't feel nervous at all leading up to the shot, which I didn't expect.

I took the Gonal-F out of the refrigerator about a half hour before I was going to do the injection. It's more comfortable to inject something that's warmer rather than ice cold! It was really easy getting the injection pen ready. After checking to make sure there's no issues with the pen/any big air bubbles, all you have to do is add the needle, dial your dose, and you're ready to inject!

The rest is simple. Make sure your hands are clean. Clean the area on your tummy with an alcohol pad. Pinch the skin a bit, and put the needle right in. Release the skin and press the injection button down. It will click as the medicine goes in. Then hold it for 5 seconds, to ensure all the medicine has left the pen. Remove it from your skin and apply a gauze pad. Check the pen to make sure the right amount of medication went in, and you're done!

I decided to do my first injection myself, even though my husband offered to do it. I am going to let him do some, since I want him to feel comfortable giving me a shot by the time the intramuscular shots start! I got a little nervous once I had the pen in my hand and said something like "I'm not sure I can do it!". But I did! And it truly wasn't bad at all.

I really expected to feel something after doing the shot. I mean I just injected a ton of hormones! But so far, I don't feel any different. I'm guessing it might take a few days for things to start happening in there!

I hope all of my injections go as smoothly as the one last night. If you're contemplating doing IVF but are worried about the injections, you can do it! I promise :)

Poke Count:
Arms: 1    Belly: 1    Ultrasounds: 1

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