Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Testing Out My HCG Trigger

As of today, I'm 8DPO and 10 DPT (days past trigger). I've been testing out my trigger since I've had the injection. For those of you not familiar with a trigger, it is an injection of HCG that is used to trigger ovulation and the final maturation of the follicles. There are a few different brands out there, but they all have the same function.

My trigger shot was Pregnyl, which was given subcutaneously into my belly. We had to mix the solution first before injecting it. Out of all the injections and blood draws, the trigger was actually the most uncomfortable for me. The injection site was painful, tender, and itchy for a few days afterward, which I found out is quite common. It wasn't too bad though! My dosage was 10,000iu of HCG.

I was really interested to see how quickly the trigger was absorbed, so I took a pregnancy test a half hour and an hour & a half after getting the shot. After only 30 minutes, there was already a faint line on my test! And an hour later, it was much darker.

I decided to test out my trigger because I didn't want to end up taking a pregnancy test at some point in the cycle and get my hopes up that it's truly positive only to find out that it was just the trigger. Plus, I find all of this pretty interesting.

Even today, 10 days after the trigger, I still have lines on my tests! I tested with 3 different brands that I had, mainly because I was curious to see the differences between the test sensitivity. Did I mention that I find all of this really interesting? ;) It might be a bit hard to see the lighter lines, but you can click on the photos to make them larger.


Sure Predict:

Clinical Guard:

The trigger will usually fade by 10-14DPO and if you do actually get pregnant, you will see the lines reappear. Or if your lines never really faded away, they will simply start getting darker each day until it's very clear that you have a BFP!

I'm still not sure how hopeful I should be for this cycle, because I do feel like it really would be a miracle to get a pregnancy from this cancelled IVF cycle. I will definitely update here once I find out the outcome!

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