Monday, April 18, 2016

Time For My Trigger Shot

Last night I had my last shot for this cycle, which was my HCG trigger! Even though this cycle is not turning out like we had hoped, we are still going to give it our best shot at making it work. In my last update, I shared about why we decided to convert our IVF cycle to and IUI cycle instead. This was not a choice we wanted to make, but we feel like it was the right one for us.

After deciding to convert our cycle to an IUI, I had two more days of monitoring which included both blood draws and ultrasounds. My lining for this cycle is around 10.24mm, which is excellent. My E2 level is still perfect. And at my last ultrasound (which was the on the morning of trigger day), I had 3 mature follicles, measured at 20mm, 19mm, and 18mm. I also had one at 11mm, which might grow large enough by ovulation to possibly contain a mature egg. All other follicles seem to have shrunk down, as all the energy was being put into these four.

In total, I stimmed for 7 days. 6 days at 300iu of Gonal-F, and 1 day at 150iu of Gonal-F right at the end. My last Gonal-F shot was the night before the trigger. This actually worked out perfectly, as I was able to use exactly two 900iu Gonal F pens. These pens contain 900iu, plus 75iu extra in each pen. So for my last night of stims, I did two shots using up all the extra medication in the first two pens. So I have an extra 900iu pen, in case I need it for a future cycle. I started my Cetrotide (similar to Ganirelix) on my 6th day of stims. My last shot of cetrotide was on the morning of my trigger shot.

I have a bunch of meds left over: 1 900iu Gonal-F Pen, all my progesterone in oil, my lupron kit, and 3 cetrotide kits. I won't be using the PIO, but instead will be using a combination of Crinone and Endometrin. I have a partially full box of Crinone and my nurse didn't want me spending any more money on meds unless I had to. So they will be giving me some Endometrin samples to hold me over. If I get a positive pregnancy test, I will order more! I'm thankful to not be doing the progesterone shots, as I don't really want to deal with them if we aren't doing an IVF cycle.

The trigger shot we used was Pregnyl, 10,000iu of HCG. We were instructed to do the shot at precisely 9pm. The trigger shot had to be mixed prior to injecting, but that is really simple to do. The concentration we needed was 1cc of the dilutant injected into the HCG powder. Once it is all dissolved, it can be drawn back into the syringe. Even though the box says it's only for intramuscular shots, our RE has us do it subcutaneously (and I know a lot of offices do this as well). Surprisingly, this was the most uncomfortable shot I had this entire cycle! The injection site has felt pretty bruised and is a little red and puffy afterwards. I was told this is pretty common though!

Now we just need to have our IUI! Still really hopeful that this can work for us, but it will be a couple of weeks before we know for sure!

Poke Count
Arms: 6     Belly: 9     Ultrasounds: 5

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