Thursday, May 19, 2016

CD 1: IVF Baseline + First Injections!

Today was CD 1 for me, which meant this was the first day of my IVF cycle! Since I was on birth control prior to starting this cycle, my baseline was planned ahead of time rather than needing to schedule it when AF arrived. So we started on CD 1 rather than CD 2 or 3.

First things first, I needed my blood drawn for E2, FSH, LH, P4, and HCG (can't be too careful!). My nurse usually calls me in the early afternoon with my results. One of the things I absolutely love about my IVF center is the phlebotomists. The are seriously amazing. I have always, always, always hated getting my blood drawn. It's always hurt me to have it drawn and I, without fail, get a nasty bruise that lasts 1-2 weeks. But at my IVF center... they are just SO good. They use the smaller needles and are serious experts at finding veins and making the process painless and quick. I never thought I'd see the day that I didn't dread bloodwork. And I never thought I could tolerate having bloodwork daily!

Next was the ultrasound. My lining was already down to 4mm, which is good. I was pretty nervous to see my ovaries, because last cycle it seemed like my antral follicle count was lower than normal. In hindsight, I wonder if that could have indicated that cycle was going to be an "off" cycle for me? I'm not sure. But my follicle count was great today! Back to what it normally is, which is 7-8 per ovary. So I had a huge sigh of relief when I heard that!

After my ultrasound, we met with one of the IVF nurses to just go over everything. She was such a positive, bubbly person and said that she feels really strongly that this will work for us. Which is so nice to hear! She also gave me some interesting information about how people respond to IVF meds. She said that someone can do two IVF cycles, with exactly the same protocol, with no changes, and have drastically different results. So what I was told about there being times when you have an off cycle does seem to be true! And she said there are studies to back it up. But we'll have to see how I respond this time, to see if last time was just something weird, or if I really do have an issue somewhere.

Since everything looked great, I was cleared to start my injections! Once we got home, I got my first MicroDose Lupron injection ready. These injections truly are a breeze. The needles are just so tiny! I didn't even feel it go in at all. I will do these injections every 12 hours until trigger time.

So it's official... this IVF cycle has started! :)

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