Monday, May 23, 2016

IVF Cycle Day 1-5!

Today is already CD 5! So far, I've had 1 ultrasound, 2 blood draws, and 16 injections. Everything has been going very smoothly and all my injections have been painless.

The first two days of my cycle, I only used the microdose lupron twice a day. The purpose of the microdose lupron was to cause a FSH flare, to hopefully "wake up" all those follicles and take advantage of my body's ability to create it's own FSH. After those first two days, we added in the Gonal F (450iu) and Menopur (150iu), both injected in the evenings.

I was initially a tiny bit nervous about the Menopur injections, because I've heard countless times that it burns quite a bit. But I am so happy to report that my injections have been absolutely painless! My two tips are: 1) After mixing and drawing up the Menopur, let it sit for about 15 minutes so the powder can fully dissolve. 2) Inject it slowly. Don't be tempted to go quickly just to get it over with!

This morning was my first blood draw since my baseline. My doctor had asked me to come in early just to make sure I'm not responding too quickly, since I'm on the maximum dose of stims. Here's an updated copy of my stim plan:

As for side effects... I'm starting to feel tired. And just like last cycle, I'm very thirsty and have a good amount of EWCM. I've felt some twinges in the ovary area, but I know from experience that it's not a good indication of what's actually going on. My doctor had explained to me that abdominal cramps/pain/twinges are really difficult to interpret because of the way the nerves are in the pelvic region. I'll take his word for it! My lower tummy is also starting to get puffy and bloated, which I think is from all the shots. It happened last cycle too, but not until a bit later on in the cycle.

As for my blood work results.. everything looked good!! After 4 days of the microdose lupron and 2 nights of stims, my E2 rose from 45 at my baseline to 234 today! My doctor was very happy with that number and they told me everything looked perfect. My P4 and LH also came back perfect. So for now, everything is going really well! Last cycle, after 2 nights of stims my E2 went from 50 to 146. That's all I really have to compare it to. Based on that, it seems to be rising a bit faster than last time. So I hope that's a good sign!

I don't have any appointments tomorrow, but will go back the day after tomorrow for my first ultrasound since my baseline as well as another blood draw. Things started to go downhill after my first ultrasound last cycle, so we're hoping that appointment goes a bit better this time around!

Poke Count
Arms: 2     Belly: 16     Ultrasounds: 1

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