Sunday, May 29, 2016

IVF: Trigger Time!!

Today would have been stim day 9, but instead of shots of Gonal F & Menopur, I'll be doing my trigger shot! In my last update, I had written that we were hoping to trigger tomorrow. Based on the sizes of my follicles at my last ultrasound, they had estimated Monday would be trigger day, but had me come in today for another ultrasound check. It's a good thing they did!

My follicles exploded since my last ultrasound! Just take a look at the above picture. Last time, most of them were in the 11-14mm range. but now they are much larger! I was pretty uncomfortable during the ultrasound. Normally they don't bother me, but today there was a lot of pressure. They measured 8 big ones on my right ovary. I'm not sure how many they did not measure this time. On my left side (still next to that big blood vessel), there were two bigger follicles, but still on the smaller side. They will probably grow enough from the trigger to possibly contain mature eggs, but I'm still not sure if they will be able to retrieve any from that side. My lining was 9.9 mm. Hopefully it's nice and cozy in there for my future embaby!

Here's a few more shots from my ultrasound:

After the ultrasound, one of the doctors needed to review my scans to give the okay to trigger. Once that was done, we had our trigger appointment! Basically where we got all of the information we needed for our trigger, retrieval and transfer. I was given instructions for both the full strength and half strength trigger (10,000 units vs 5,000 units), because my E2 was getting a bit on the high side. So depending how my labs come back today, they will make a recommendation on which to use. I'll update this post once I find out! Update: My E2 wasn't too high, so I was able to do the full 10,000 unit trigger. My E2 on the day of trigger ended up being 2933 and my progesterone was still low at 0.7, meaning that we don't have to do a freeze all cycle! I was instructed to do the trigger shot subcutaneously at precisely 11:00 PM Sunday night, for a 10:00 AM retrieval on Tuesday morning!

I have a lot of meds left over, because they had to keep lowering my dosages. So I am planning on holding onto them in case we need to do another cycle. But if this works out, I'm hoping to be able to gift my meds to someone else who needs them.

As of right now, we are scheduled to do a 5 day transfer.. and I'm really hoping we are able to!! If we do a 3 day transfer, it will most likely be transferring 2. That would be on June 3rd. If we do the 5 day transfer as scheduled, that would be on June 5th. Our beta test is scheduled for 14 days past retrieval, which is on June 14th. Right before Father's Day! I'm hoping we get some really wonderful news and are able to celebrate Father's Day, thinking of our future little one!

Poke Count
Arms: 7     Belly: 38     Ultrasounds: 4

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