Friday, May 13, 2016

MicroDose Lupron Flare Protocol for IVF #2

For IVF attempt #2, our RE has decided to put me on a much more aggressive protocol. To remind you, our first IVF cycle was converted to an IUI due to a poor response/lead group of follicles. This was totally unexpected! I've always had lots of follicles on my ovaries, a high AMH, and I am young. My RE was had said I had a higher risk of OHSS! But nothing is guaranteed in IVF, and you need to expect the unexpected.

Last cycle, my RE said that there might be something subtle and undetectable going on with me. And it might explain why our "mild" male factor has been giving us such a hard time conceiving - perhaps it's not really the male factor at all! Surely not what we wanted to hear. We got the impression that he's viewing it more as an "unexplained" infertility issue now, because my lab results simply do not match my response.

So we are going at this full throttle! A really aggressive approach, meant to maximize the number of follicles that develop and continue to recruit them as the cycle goes on. Last cycle I was on the antagonist protocol, and this cycle I will be on the MicroDose Lupron Flare Protocol (MDL). Here's a copy of my stim plan, and feel free to click on it to make it larger.

Here's how the protocol works. After my period arrived, I started birth control on CD 3. This is where I am currently in our cycle. I will be on the birth control for only 11 days, so I don't get over suppressed. After taking the last birth control pill, I will take no meds for 2 days. On the third day (which will actually be CD 1), I will have my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound, as well as start a light period that day. After my appointment, if I am given the all clear, I will start the microdose lupron that day. The microdose lupron is a diluted form of lupron and it's given in small doses, each 12 hours apart. I will use only 10 units for each dose, with two doses a day. When used in this way, the lupron actually has a stimulating effect and produces a "FSH flare". This takes advantage of your bodies own FSH production.

On CD 3, I start my Gonal F and Menopur. This cycle I will be taking 450iu of Gonal F and 150iu (two vials) of Menopur each day. That's a grand total of 4 shots a day! Two lupron shots, and then 1 of Gonal F and 1 of Menopur. On CD 6, I return for bloodwork to check my E2 and P4 levels. I will return again on CD 8 for bloodwork and an ultrasound to check my progress. My stim plan is blank after that point, because the rest depends on how I respond to the meds!

My medications arrived a couple of days ago... and we will be starting my injections next week! Hoping this cycle works a little better for me and trying to stay really positive about our chances.


  1. Hi, I was curious if this protocol worked for you? I will be starting this protocol soon.

  2. Would like to also know the same.. I am on a VERY similar protocol for my 2nd round also.

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