Tuesday, June 21, 2016

4 Weeks Pregnant!

At the time of writing this, I'm actually already 5 weeks! I figured I'd do a little summary of how I have been feeling throughout the last week, as it might be nice for me and my husband to look back on in the future.

At 4 weeks, our little one is the size of a poppy seed! Lots of things are going on development wise, including the forming of the neural tube. It seems like so much happens in early pregnancy and it's such a complex process.

As of the day of my first beta (which was 14 dpo or 9DP5DT), I was 4 weeks! I started feeling pregnancy symptoms actually in my 3rd week, which was surprising to me. One of my first symptoms, which continued all through the 4th week, was intense hunger. Waking up feeling extremely hungry, needing to eat every two hours, having two dinners, etc. I also would feel sick if I didn't eat, but would also feel queasy about an hour after eating a large meal. Increased thirst and urination as well!

I had a lot of pulling, cramping, poking, and basically other strange feelings all around my lower belly. I've heard that this is from the uterus rapidly expanding and growing for the pregnancy. My boobs have been really sore, both to the touch and just even laying down. They've also definitely gotten a little bit bigger and seem a bit swollen.

I have a bit of a belly.. but I'm pretty sure it's all just bloat ;) I know a lot of people seem to be bloated early on after IVF.

Strangely, I had my first craving too! Sweet pickles (like the kind on a hamburger) and relish. I couldn't think of any way to really eat relish (since I don't normally eat it!), so I ended up mixing up homemade tartar sauce with tons of relish in it. I ate it with some fish. But to be honest, all I really wanted was the little bits of relish in there and I even ate it by the spoonful. Gross, but funny too!

I've also been feeling pretty tired, which I know is normal. There's a lot going on inside of me! A few nights I was in bed by 8:30, or fell asleep unintentionally before I meant to go to bed.

The hardest thing to deal with has been my emotions. I'm very nervous and almost afraid to be happy about this pregnancy. I just can't help but think how much we had to do to get here and knowing there is always a chance of miscarriage is just really getting to me. I've actually been taking pregnancy tests each day still! Even though they don't tell me anything, other than, yep you're still pregnant.. I feel like I can't stop!

I'm hoping as time goes on, my worries will lessen. Our first ultrasound, with my RE, is exactly 2 weeks from today! And my first midwife appointment is later that same week. Until then, staying as optimistic as possible!!

Poke Count
Arms: 11     Belly: 38     Ultrasounds: 6   Butt: 21


  1. Just came across your blog via Pinterest! I had my first IUI this morning. I'm nervous and excited, but am so thankful for your blog. Now I can read more about each step of the process without feeling so overwhelmed! I will be praying for a strong and healthy pregnancy for you! Congratulations!

    1. Hi Alexa! Thank you so much! I'm wishing you all the luck in the world for a successful cycle! IUIs work for SO many people and I'm crossing my fingers for you :)