Tuesday, June 28, 2016

5 Weeks Pregnant!

Already through week 5! To me, making it to 6 weeks is a big milestone. I'm not quite sure why.. but I made it! Week 5 was a little stressful. I'm still definitely feeling pregnant, which I'm hoping is a good sign as we wait for the first ultrasound, which will be a week from today.

The first half of this week was especially stressful, as I was waiting to do my final hcg beta, which  was a full seven days after my last blood draw. I found waiting for the results to be agonizing! Especially because the phone call didn't come on time. Normally my clinic is really good about calling you promptly with any results or instructions. So when my call didn't come.. I expected the worst! The actual reason for the late call was due to a patient who had an emergency and it had nothing to do with my results. Thankfully, my beta came back good at just under 2000. The doubling time had started to slow a bit since my last blood test a week prior, but that is normal once the levels get above 1000.

As for my symptoms, the first half of the week was really more of the same of week 4. But as the week went on, my sense of smell has reached an all time high of sensitivity! I thought I smelled everything last week.. but I really can smell everything now. Especially if it's an unpleasant smell!

I was also surprised to look in the mirror and notice the absolute tiniest of bumps! This didn't appear until a few days ago, so towards the later end of week 5. I've heard that being on the PIO shots can make a bump appear a little earlier. It's definitely not something you can notice through my clothes, and I'm sure most people wouldn't notice a thing. But when putting all my bare belly photos from the last 3 weeks all in a row, it's really obvious to me! I personally can't wait to have a big bump, so the earlier it wants to show, the better.

I've again had some on & off nausea. Mainly in a "am I hungry or nauseous" sort of way. I am definitely finding a lot of foods unappealing though. It's a little annoying to be incredibly hungry, but be disgusted by all your go to foods! I really just want to make sure I'm getting enough nutrients, because a lot of the things I really seem to want to eat are not the healthiest options. As someone who is normally a very healthy eater, it's a little disconcerting!

At 5 weeks 4 days, fatigue hit me like a freight train. I've been tired since the beginning, but this is a whole new level! Overall, the fatigue has been the most noticeable symptom this week, just because it's been so strong.

Now that I've made it to week 6, I'm a big step closer to our first pregnancy ultrasound when I will be exactly 7 weeks!

Poke Count
Arms: 12     Belly: 38     Ultrasounds: 6   Butt: 28


  1. I hope your pregnancy is healthy and you are doing well. Love your blog, it has helped me a lot in my own fertility journey. Hope you keep us all updated!

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