Monday, June 20, 2016

BFP After IVF!!

First of all I want to apologize for taking forever to get this post up here! I truly have been in disbelief and this hasn't really sunken in for me just yet.

On the morning of 5DP5DT aka 10dpo, I woke up not intending to take a test at all. But that morning, I got a sudden, intense nosebleed. I remembered a friend of mine telling me about her nosebleeds in early pregnancy... so once it stopped bleeding, I figured, why not?! I've never gotten a positive test this early anyway. And I can check my trigger again to make sure it's even lighter than last time.

But when I did the test and watched the dye flow by... I swore I could see an extremely faint line forming.. already! Naturally, I couldn't back out at this point. So I watched. And watched. As a line developed right before my very eyes! In complete disbelief, I dipped two other tests. Then a third. All were positive, including a digital that read 1-2 weeks!

Above is the very first test that I took. Stunned was pretty much the only way to describe how I felt. I've never gotten a positive at 10DPO, and never got a positive digital right away either. 

The rest of that day was pretty much a blur. I remember getting my husband's present together, so I could surprise him. I had just given him an early birthday present a few days prior, so I was pretending I had another for him. He had absolutely NO idea. I had just talked to him about not testing, so he had zero expectations. I even managed to film his reaction without him knowing!

It was a Friday... which mean 4 whole days until my beta! We decided to not tell any family members until we had the beta back. Those few days went by slowly. The day of my beta, waiting for my results went by even slower.

But my nurse called and said "Congratulations!" and that everything looked "perfect!". My HCG was 160! My progesterone was excellent as well.

The following day, we went over to my parents house, to drop off a few things. My mom had already been getting suspicious about when my blood test would be, so I knew we couldn't keep it from her for any longer. Right before we were pretending to leave, I said that my husband had found a really cool coin and asked if I could show my mom. I handed it to her.. It was a penny with a baby food stamped through it. At first she said, wow! Why would they put a baby foot on here though? And then it clicked and she knew!

Next we got my brother, who was due home from work any minute. We had a little box, that had a little "bun" inside of it, and the inside of the box was stamped with "Bun in the Oven". We placed the box in the oven and when he came inside, my mom told him there was something wrong inside the oven and could he take a quick peek? Obviously, he wasn't expecting to find the little box in there!

For my husband's sister, unfortunately she isn't local. But we ended up texting her a cute photo of me that said "4 Weeks, Baby is the Size of a Poppy Seed". As soon as we texted her, she immediately knew, even before we had sent the photo!

Since father's day was coming up, we decided to swear the whole family to secrecy and break the news to the dad's on father's day! I had purchased cards that said "Only the best fathers..." on the front, and "Get promoted to grandfathers!" inside! We had them sit next to each other and open them at the same time. They simply thought they were opening father's day cards, and were totally surprised!

As for our next steps... we have one more beta a week after our last one (which will be 23 DPO or 18DP5DT). We are already scheduled for our first ultrasound with my RE at the beginning of July (I will be exactly 7 weeks), and I have my first midwife appointment later that same week.

I have to admit, I've been feeling very nervous and worried that everything is going okay! I'm so terrified this will be taken from me. I know some people probably think that's silly, but I feel like we've had to go through so much to get here. 23 Cycles TTC, 7 IUIs, 2 IVF attempts, and 2 previous early losses. I feel like I've dealt really well with all of this so far, but I can't bare the thought of something going wrong now!

But we are trying to stay positive and enjoy every moment. I am actually, really, truly pregnant right now!!

Poke Count
Arms: 11     Belly: 38     Ultrasounds: 6   Butt: 20


  1. Congratulations....I'm so happy for you guys!!!!

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