Tuesday, July 26, 2016

9 Weeks + Ultrasound!

I was so happy to hit 9 weeks! Last week was just awful with that stomach flu... this week on the other hand was wonderful in comparison. Plus, we got to see the little one again!

Symptom wise, I've been very emotional. I don't typically cry often, but I feel like I've cried more during this pregnancy than I have in the last few years combined. I'm still having quite strong food aversions which is making eating and food prep difficult. Honestly, most foods are pretty gross to me right now! I'm still feeling the nausea here and there, but the unisom & B6 is really helping for the morning sickness. I have been able to gain a few pounds back after being so sick, but I'm still not back up to my regular weight. Hoping I get there soon!

Our ultrasound went very well! The baby was moving around a lot :) Our little one was measuring perfectly at exactly 9 weeks with a CRL of 2.26cm!! I can't believe how quickly they are growing! More than doubled in size since our last ultrasound. The heart rate was 194! Our RE said it's normally probably a bit lower than that, but the little one was moving around quite a bit, so their heart rate rises accordingly. I love knowing that they are already so full of energy!

The ultrasound also looked so much more like a real baby! We even got to see the little legs at one point. Here's a video from our two ultrasounds:

My RE said I could stop my PIO shots cold turkey that night at 9 weeks... but I was uncomfortable with that. So he said we can step down and wean off of it. Which sounds much better to me :)

After this second ultrasound, I've been officially released from my RE's office!! Definitely a bitter sweet moment. I'm so happy to be at the point where I can be released... but I've never had such good medical providers before. I wish they could take care of me during my whole pregnancy!! They truly were the kindest nurses and doctors I've ever met.

Poke Count
Arms: 13     Belly: 38     Ultrasounds: 8   Butt: 56

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

8 Weeks

This week was... interesting. After struggling with the morning sickness last week and losing a bit of weight, the unisom + B6 was a miracle for me! But early on this week, I suddenly started feeling sick. Really sick! You can tell I'm not feeling well in my weekly photo as well.

It all started the day I was going for my blood work that my midwife had ordered. I just felt so off. I woke up with the chills and shivering. In hindsight, that should have been my first clue that something was wrong. But I didn't think anything of it at the time. By the end of the day, I couldn't keep anything down. I felt so sick! I thought it must be morning sickness.

I kept feeling worse & worse. I kept wondering if I had developed that severe form of morning sickness. But my husband was really suspicious once he heard me mention the chills. I kept feeling burning hot and then was overcome by horrible chills. He was right to be suspicious... I had a stomach flu!

This totally terrified me. I called both my midwife office and my RE. I was told to just make sure to control the fever and prevent dehydration. Not to worry about food or prenatals right now. I had to take tylenol for the fever. Ugh. I felt SO awful for the entire week. The worst of it lasted about 48 hours, but I really was sick for a whole week.

I'm sure some of you have experienced being really sick, where it almost pushes you to the edge of your sanity. That is what this felt like!

Towards the end of the week, when I was able to think a little more clearly... I started to really worry about our baby. Had the fever done something to them? I decided to try my home fetal heart monitor that I had gotten recently, but hadn't been able to find the heartbeat yet. Well, I'm happy to report... we found the heartbeat at home!! It was music to our ears and proof that our little one was doing well despite how ill I was.

Hearing the heartbeat at home also calmed my nerves prior to our next ultrasound! Which was scheduled for exactly 9 weeks...

Poke Count
Arms: 14     Belly: 38     Ultrasounds: 7   Butt: 49

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

7 Weeks Pregnant + First Ultrasound!!

Week 7 was definitely a turning point in this pregnancy! On exactly 7 weeks, I officially "got sick" for the first time. Which on one hand is a good sign, because it shows my hormones are high.. but getting sick is no fun! Unfortunately, it happened right as we were heading out the door to our first ultrasound. But none of that mattered because... we saw the heartbeat!

The ultrasound went perfectly! Baby measured 6 weeks, 6 days (so one day behind) which is just fine. The heart beat was 147-148!! For those of you interested, the CRL was 0.91cm. Baby is the size of a small raspberry! After our appointment, we were met in the hall by a bunch of the nurses who were all congratulating us. I had to hold back tears! I had one more quick blood draw for my thyroid, since it had been a while since it had been checked. The result came back the next day and it was perfect!

As for symptoms, I definitely had some tummy bloating this week. The morning sickness continued, as did the food aversions. Still feeling super tired and emotional!

A few days after my RE appointment, we had our first midwife appointment at the birth center! It's a free standing birth center, with a very homey vibe to it. There are a few midwives in the practice and you end up working with all of them. I was sick a couple of times that morning before my appointment and was feeling incredibly nauseous on the ride there as well as in the waiting room. The midwife was great! I had brought a bunch of test results with us (such as all the carrier screening I had done, all 30 pages of it) as well as our ultrasound photos. Since I did IVF and my due date was already established and the fact that I've been monitored so closely over the last year, there wasn't a whole lot we needed to do at this appointment. It was mainly a nice meet and greet. She did feel my uterus to make sure it was expanding properly (it was) and checked my cervix (which looked how it should). I was sent on my way with a few labs that needed to be repeated (infectious diseases, etc).

I unfortunately already started to lose a few pounds due to the morning sickness. My midwife suggested I try taking the unisom + B6 combo (which is incredibly safe) to help control it. I tried it the night of the appointment and did so much better the next day!

Poke Count
Arms: 13     Belly: 38     Ultrasounds: 7   Butt: 42

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

6 Weeks Pregnant

6 weeks pregnant already?! This week was the week of food aversions. Really strong food aversions. Nearly everything has disgusted me!

I spent a lot of time eating tater tots. Until suddenly, they were revolting as well. Midway through a salad, literally in the middle of chewing, it suddenly became totally disgusting to me. I've also begun gagging while eating or being around strong smells. Definitely pregnancy symptoms!

The later half of this week was spent nervously awaiting our first ultrasound. To be honest, it was constantly in the back of my mind. On one hand, I couldn't wait. On the other, I was dreading it. What if it was bad news?!

As a result of the worrying, I wasn't sleeping well. Which I think is pretty understandable! On top of the pregnancy fatigue, it definitely made me extra tired.

Last weeks tiny bump has gotten bigger! I'm still not sure if it's noticeable to anyone else, but I certainly can tell it's there! At this point I'm loving any evidence or signs that this is really, truly happening.

Poke Count
Arms: 12     Belly: 38     Ultrasounds: 6   Butt: 35