Friday, October 7, 2016

Gender Reveal!

We decided it would be so much fun to do a gender reveal for our family! I know gender reveals are a bit controversial in some circles and people feel that they are unnecessary and/or silly. But we honestly didn't care :) This may be the only child we ever have, so we really hoped to be able to surprise our family with the reveal. I know they thought it was a lot of fun! And just a reminder, we did the gender reveal about a month ago, but just now I'm having time to do this update.

While I was feeling really sick, I tried to amuse myself by pinning fun gender reveal ideas. We waited to have the gender reveal until I had started to feel a bit better and was able to eat some actual food. My husband and I had fun making all the desserts for the party and it was the first time I'd made any food or even assisted with any food prep in months! So it was kind of a big deal to me, like I was passing a milestone where I might be through the worst.

We had all of our family members do the photo booth displaying their guess! Lots of fun :)

It's a BOY!! 

And here is a quick video:

We are SO excited to be welcoming a new little boy into our family! When we had our NT scan, they had asked us if they were able to get a good enough look, would we like a guess on the sex? And we said, of course! We were also doing the Harmony test, so we would be getting confirmation soon. Throughout the scan, our little guy was doing his best to hide his crotch area. But right at the end, he moved enough where she was able to give us a guess that it was 80% chance of a boy, using the nub theory. We found out about a week later that she was correct and I had a little boy cooking away! We truly had no preference for boy or girl, so finding out was just so exciting for us! 

For any of you interested, we got a lot of the items for the reveal on amazon. Here's links to a few:

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