Saturday, January 21, 2017

36 Week Pregnancy Update!

I've made it to 36 weeks! I hadn't done many updates on my youtube channel during this pregnancy, although I had wanted to. I finally had some time, so I did a video update! I had originally vlogged our IVF cycles, but after getting a positive pregnancy test, I suddenly was terrified to make any videos about it out of fear of "jinxing" things. Ridiculous I know! But I figured I'd pick back up doing videos weekly once I was released from our RE at nine weeks.. but I hadn't counted on getting so sick with HG. Once I was pretty much in survival mode, making weekly bumpdate videos were the last thing on my mind!

So other than a few quick updates, such as our heartbeat ultrasounds and gender reveal, I hadn't done any on youtube. I figured it was really time to do one! There's also a sneak peak at some of our maternity photos in the video. I'm planning on sharing some on here too! Hopefully next week :)

It still feels so surreal to be this far into pregnancy. The first half went so slowly when I was sick, both physically and with worry about damaging the pregnancy. But time really did pick up once I started to feel better. And once I hit 37 weeks, I'm eligible to give birth at our birth center. Again, it seems so surreal that it's so close! I can't wait to find out when our little guy decides to make his arrival!


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