Sunday, January 1, 2017

Visual Birth Plan

Making a birth plan can be a great way to learn about what type of birth you and your partner are hoping to have. Making it together can be helpful to be sure that both of you are on the same page about your birth preferences. When I made mine, I looked through a lot of birth plans made by others to get ideas. One of the first things that stuck out to me, was that a lot of the birth plans that were typed out just seemed so long. I had a hard time believing that anyone would really want to read such an in depth plan, especially in a hospital or birth center, where there is a lot going on.

But then I saw visual birth plans, which consisted of small icons that got right to the point. No excessive explanation needed. You can simply quickly look at the icons and get all of the information needed.

These icons were created by someone named Seanna, who has also created a birth plan generator as well. If you'd rather just make the plan yourself, the icons are available for free for everyone.

The easiest way to make your visual birth plan, is to save the icons you'd like to use to your computer, then insert them into a word document. We wrote a few sentences on the top as well, introducing ourselves and explaining that these are simply our preferences in an ideal birthing situation, and that we understand birth is unpredictable and situations may arise where we may need to deviate from these preferences.

I also like to call them our birth "preferences" rather than birth plan. With how unpredictable birth is, it seems like it would be impossible to really plan anything. We are hoping to go into the birth of our baby with a flexible mindset and we were hoping our birth "plan" would reflect that.

Here's a closer look at the icons we included in our birth plan. It might be helpful to note that we are planning to use a local birth center and midwives rather than a hospital (although our birth center has a good relationship with the hospital and is just across the street).

I did tweak the colors of the icons a bit, just because I thought it looked nice! I also may make a hospital version of this plan (which would remove the water birth aspect, but I would still labor in the tub) as well as a c-section plan. Again, just to be prepared for all possibilities.

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