Monday, March 26, 2018

Easter Basket for a One Year Old Toddler!

I was so excited to do E’s Easter basket this year! Last year was his first Easter, so that was very special. We did an Easter basket last year as well, but he was only two months old - so he wasn’t able to enjoy it like he will this year. He’s almost 14 months now, which is such a fun age! As always, the post may contain affiliate links. I hope you enjoy our Easter basket ideas!

Easter Basket Ideas

Grimms Rainbow:

We are absolutely in love with Grimms toys! You can’t beat the quality and they are so beautiful. So many ways to play with them and we know they will get years of use!

Bunny Ears:

All kids need bunny ears for Easter! These are the ones we got for E, and they fit his head perfectly! 

Honeysticks Beeswax Crayons:

These crayons are my favorites. They are totally non toxic, are a perfect size for little hands to grip, come in great colors, and they smell absolutely amazing! We use these a lot. Perfect to use with a toddler coloring book!

Spring Books:


Books are a great gift for any age child! Easter is a perfect time to read books about spring! It’s tempting to buy Easter themed books, but spring books are useable and more interesting over a longer period of time. Look for books about the season changing, baby animals, flowers and plants growing, planting a garden, spring weather, - lift the flap books are extra fun!

Schliech Animals:

These animals are some of E’s absolute favorite toys at the moment. He loves animals! And these are so detailed and extremely realistic. They have so many different animals available, but we got a sheep  for our Easter basket, along with a few others! 


The  weather is finally warming up, so it’s the perfect time to get outside and introduce your toddler to the fun of sidewalk chalk!

Teething Necklace: 

I know E is teething up a storm right now and one of these necklaces has made a huge difference for him! We tried a couple of different brands, and this one was by far our favorite.


Bubbles are a childhood classic! So much fun and a perfect Easter basket addition.



We recently picked up some sunglasses for E, with hopes of using them this summer, and toddlers in sunglasses are absolutely adorable! He has been loving wearing them!

Burt’s Bees Pjs:


We love these pajamas! They recently came out with some new patterns for spring and we couldn’t wait to pick up a few pairs. They have patterns for both boys and girls! Our favorite is the blue tie dye - so soft and fun!



If you're looking for a more healthy snack than candy to add to your basket, raisins are perfect. Not only are they an excellent source of iron for your little one, most toddlers love them!

Watering Can and Garden Tools:

We always plant flowers in the spring time, and wanted E to be able to help us too! Green toys is also a brand that we love, because they used recycled milk cartons to make their toys.

Chicken Nesting Toy:

This is my favorite item from E's easter basket! Seems like such a fun little toy, and very fitting for Easter.

What are you putting in your toddler's basket this Easter? Share in the comments! I'd love to hear other's ideas and Easter traditions as well. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your family!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Two Easy Easter Crafts for Babies & Toddlers

Last year we didn’t do any fun Easter crafts, so I was excited to this year! I remember seeing a friend do these with her baby and I knew I needed to remember these for this year. Let’s face it, most toddlers (and all babies) don’t have the patience to do very complex crafts. Simple is best, that’s for sure! Here are the two crafts we did this year. This post may contain affiliate links to suggested craft supplies.

Little feet are adorable, aren’t they? Which means they are perfect to use for projects like this. It’s fun to look back on just how tiny those feet really were! So both our crafts used E’s little foot. We did a little carrot, topped with leaves and a tiny baby chick. Both perfect for Easter!

Choose your paint (non toxic acrylic is perfect), and paint the bottom of your little one’s foot. Tip: much easier if you have two people, too make sure those little feet don’t take off across the house! Press them onto card stock or canvas. We did both! I wanted some to give to family members but also wanted to be sure those little foot prints would be well preserved. I knew the canvas would hold up for years! Reapply paint to the foot each time you make a new stamp. Once you’ve made all the foot stamps you need, go back and add the final details (chicks beak, legs, and eyes, and the leaves for the carrots).

Afterwards, wipe your little ones foot with some baby wipes (which I’m sure you have plenty on hand)! And follow up with a soap + water wash for any residue left behind. And that’s it!

If you have used canvas, seal it with some acrylic paint sealer to make sure it stays protected and lasts for years! What’s nice about the sealer is it comes in a spray paint can, so you can use a little and then save it for future projects.

The craft supplies we used to make these are listed below. Anyone else have any fun, easy spring crafts to share? Tell us about them in the comments!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Easter Basket Ideas for a Baby

Last year was E’s first Easter. His first big family holiday! We put together an Easter basket for him, which was actually harder than I thought it would be. He was only two months old - not old enough to really interact with the items he was receiving yet. Here’s some ideas on what to include in your baby’s Easter basket - affiliate links to items included! Please share any other ideas with us in the comments as well!

Easter Basket Ideas for a Baby

Guess How Much I Love You Book:

This was one of the first things I bought for E’s basket. A year later and we still read this story  all the time! 

Nutbrown Hare Plush:

To go with “Guess How Much I Love You”, we got a stuffed bunny from the story. E absolutely loves  his and even carries it around the house with him!

Carrot Teether:

E was still a bit too young for teethers, but both myself and his grandma got him a few for his basket. We knew he’d need them soon! This carrot teether is adorable and perfect for Easter.

Duck Bath Scoops:

These are so much fun - they’re practical to help rinse soapy hair in the bath, but also float around the tub like little boats, and are great for practicing pouring water. We love ours!

Touch and Feel Book: 

These types of books are so great for little ones to interact with and are an easy way to get in some extra sensory play!

Lamb Rattle:

This lamb rattle is so soft and has held up great over the last year. Perfect for cuddling or noise making!

Finger Puppet Book:

This was a fun book we included in E's basket. He loved watching our fingers move the animals along with the story. It makes the story so much more interactive for babies while they are listening!

Bunny Outfit:


I had actually seen a similar outfit on pinterest and I knew I wanted to snap a cute photo of E as a little bunny! It ended up being a really cute addition to his basket!

Yogi Bites:

If your baby is a little older and you'd like to include a sweet treat, these are perfect! They are made from yogurt and melt in your little ones mouth. So delicious!

Sensory Rattle and Teether:


This toy was E's absolute favorite toy as a young baby, especially around 3-5 months old! Lots of colors and very easy for a small baby to grab onto. 

What have you included in your little one's Easter basket this year? Tell us in the comments! Happy Easter!

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