Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Two Easy Easter Crafts for Babies & Toddlers

Last year we didn’t do any fun Easter crafts, so I was excited to this year! I remember seeing a friend do these with her baby and I knew I needed to remember these for this year. Let’s face it, most toddlers (and all babies) don’t have the patience to do very complex crafts. Simple is best, that’s for sure! Here are the two crafts we did this year. This post may contain affiliate links to suggested craft supplies.

Little feet are adorable, aren’t they? Which means they are perfect to use for projects like this. It’s fun to look back on just how tiny those feet really were! So both our crafts used E’s little foot. We did a little carrot, topped with leaves and a tiny baby chick. Both perfect for Easter!

Choose your paint (non toxic acrylic is perfect), and paint the bottom of your little one’s foot. Tip: much easier if you have two people, too make sure those little feet don’t take off across the house! Press them onto card stock or canvas. We did both! I wanted some to give to family members but also wanted to be sure those little foot prints would be well preserved. I knew the canvas would hold up for years! Reapply paint to the foot each time you make a new stamp. Once you’ve made all the foot stamps you need, go back and add the final details (chicks beak, legs, and eyes, and the leaves for the carrots).

Afterwards, wipe your little ones foot with some baby wipes (which I’m sure you have plenty on hand)! And follow up with a soap + water wash for any residue left behind. And that’s it!

If you have used canvas, seal it with some acrylic paint sealer to make sure it stays protected and lasts for years! What’s nice about the sealer is it comes in a spray paint can, so you can use a little and then save it for future projects.

The craft supplies we used to make these are listed below. Anyone else have any fun, easy spring crafts to share? Tell us about them in the comments!

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