Sunday, September 16, 2018

My Favorite Pregnancy Tests - From an Infertility Veteran

As someone who’s struggled with infertility, I have peed on *a lot* of pregnancy tests. Over the years, I have certainly developed a lot of opinions about different brands. I’ve found a few that I trust more than others, based on price, sensitivity, and past experiences with them.

My Favorite CHEAP Tests: Clinical Guard

Pretty much everyone has heard of Wondfos, but there is another brand I prefer. Clinical guard has become the cheapie tests I always keep on hand. I used them all throughout my IUI cycles, testing my trigger out, and during IVF. And once I got pregnant, I tested with them quite a bit in an attempt to keep my anxiety in check. They really did an excellent job testing out my trigger, which showed me how sensitive they truly were. They come in larger quantities for anyone who has a reason to POAS often. It’s nice to know you aren’t wasting a ton of money with every test!

My Favorite SENSITIVE Tests: OSOM

OSOM tests are a little different because they use black dye, rather than pink or blue. It can make it much easier to see a light line because the dye is a darker color. These are the most sensitive tests I have ever used. But be cautious... you’re more likely to notice a chemical pregnancy with these tests. So if you would prefer to not know, wait a couple days and use a less sensitive test. Another thing to note is that with very light lines, it’s much easier to see them once the test has dried a little. One downside to OSOMs, is you need to buy them in a larger box. So overall they are cheaper than most drug store tests, but you have to spend more initially. I still always keep a box of these around!

My Favorite “AM I REALLY PREGNANT?” Test: First Response Early Result, aka FRER

There’s a reason you see people immediately say “Go get a FRER!” anytime someone has a squinter on another brand. A First Response is the test we all are so used to seeing - it makes that line feel real for some reason! The downside is they can be pricey, so I only break out the FRER once I have a line on another test first.

My Favorite TELL MY HUSBAND Test: Clear Blue Digital

A friend told me the story of how she excitedly told her husband they were expecting baby #2. She had planned a really adorable way to tell him, involving their toddler. But when her husband saw the pregnancy test, he stopped smiling and said he didn’t see a line. Was she sure? He didn’t believe her! Browsing TTC forums, I have seen similar versions of this story multiple times. The digital test with the clear “Pregnant” is much easier for a husband to put faith in than a faint line!

Other Tests I Like:

There’s SO many tests out there, and I think we all have our preferences. Here’s a few others I have liked using:
- Walmart’s 88 cent pregnancy tests - very sensitive and affordable! I’d buy these more, but I rarely go to Walmart.
- Dollar Store Tests - again very affordable and surprisingly sensitive!
- Easy At Home - I used these during our fertility treatment cycles and I was really surprised at how sensitive they were. It was nice having another affordable option that wasn’t just a cheapie test strip.
- Wondfo - the classic cheapie!
- Clear Blue - the most popular blue dye test!

Anyone else have any favorite test brands? Share in the comments!

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