Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Toddler Craft: Fall Leaves Wreath

I wanted to add a bit of autumn decorations to my son’s room, and thought it would be perfect for him to help make them! The first thing I decided to make with him was a fall wreath. I already had everything on hand, so it was perfect!

You need:
A paper plate
A glue stick
A pair of scissors
Craft leaves (or have your child draw and color their own leaves!)

Start by cutting a hole in the paper plate, right in the center, to make a wreath shape. My son loved using the glue stick, so I had him apply the glue in a small area. Then choose a leave and have your child press it into the glue. Continue until the entire plate is covered. 

We hung ours on our son's bedroom wall. But they'd also make great fall gifts for family members or grandparents!

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