Our TTC/Infertility Timeline


August - Began TTC our first baby.


May - Visited my doctor for CD 3 labs, 7 DPO progesterone bloodwork, and had a semen analysis (SA) for my husband.

June - Results from the SA came back with low motility (24%), low morphology (3%), and a count within normal ranges, but on the lower end of normal. My husband started FertileAid supplements that were recommended by our doctor, along with Motility Boost and Count Boost

July - Appointment with the urologist for evaluation. No hormonal issues in bloodwork and had a normal physical exam. Ordered an ultrasound which showed previous testicular injury. The urologist explained that a trauma such as that can cause issues with sperm. 

August - First RE appointment. All bloodwork normal. 

September - HSG test performed - no issues found! Began 50mg Clomid and had our First IUI... BFN.

October - IUI #2, still on 50mg Clomid... BFN.

November - IUI #3, upped Clomid dosage to 100mg... BFP! Sadly, it wasn't meant to be and we had an early loss.

December - We met with our RE to decide our next steps. Since we had gotten pregnant through an IUI, well all agreed that we should do three more IUIs on 100mg of Clomid. We hoped we'd be successful again! 


January - IUI #4, with 100mg of Clomid... BFN. 

February - At the beginning of the month.. IUI #5 with 100mg of Clomid.... BFN.

February - At the end of the month, IUI #6 with 100mg of Clomid.... BFN. At the suggestion of my RE's office, I completed my genetic carrier screening test, in order to prepare for IVF. We also completed our two IVF teaching classes, which went more in depth about the process at our specific center.

March - IVF Consult with our RE. Got clearance to start IVF with ICSI on our next cycle!

April - IVF #1 with ICSI planned. On the antagonist protocol with Gonal F and Cetrotide. IVF Cycle cancelled after 5 days of stimming, due to group of lead follicles. Converting to an IUI cycle. BFP! But it's a chemical pregnancy...

May - IVF #2 with ICSI planned, on the micro dose lupron flare protocol // 9 Eggs retrieved, 8 mature, 7 fertilize but only 6 fertilize normally. Out of 6 fertilized, 2 arrest early on.

June - We are scheduled for our 5 day transfer! On day 5, we are left with 1 good quality blastocyst and 3 morulas. We are transfer two: the blast and best morula. None make it to freeze. // BFP on 5DP5DT!!! First beta was on 14 DPO (9dp5dt) and came back at 160! Next draw was 16DPO (11dp5dt) and it was 281. Final beta was a week later at 23 DPO (18dp5dt) and it was 1728.

July - Saw the heartbeat for the first and second time! Here's a video as well. 

August - Diagnosed with HG, which was quite scary.

September - We did our gender reveal for our close family members. It was a lot of fun!


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